BTS Reveals How They Met Up With Ariana Grande

They only had good things to say about her.

Not too long ago, Ariana Grande uploaded a photo to her Instagram featuring BTS. In a recent interview with Billboard, the magazine asked if there was a collaboration between the two in the works and if they’d discussed anything interesting.


On the topic of collaboration, they didn’t hold back their thoughts on it. In the process, they’d revealed how the two had run into each other.

RM gushed about how Ariana is one of the best artists around, “She’s the one right now. She’s the best.” They were more than open to the idea, welcoming the chance whenever it appears. As fanboy Jungkook nodded eagerly, RM jumped into how they’d recently met.

Since the photo had been from rehearsals, it took place during Ariana’s practice session. The location of it just happened to be next to BTS’s studio. With all of them meeting, there was one thing she wanted to do.

Other than snapping a celebratory photo, Ariana wanted to see what the rehearsal of such a powerful boy group looked like in person. She hadn’t been disappointed, from the “spitting some bad words” she’d said in praise and excitement.

It was an equal opportunity chance because BTS got to see Ariana’s rehearsal as well. It was just as simple and laidback as that, according to RM.

See the excitement on their faces at the mention of a collaboration and listen to how they’d happened to be at the same place at the same time.