BTS Reveals Their Views On Fashion And Who Dresses The Best

They all have different preferences when it comes to fashion.

In a previous interview from 2016, BTS talked in depth about their personal fashion style and favorite items to wear. Their answers show just how different they are all in terms of fashion and clothes.

What fashion items do you have the most in your closet?

RM: I have a lot of black, gray, and white clothes. They are usually all monochrome colors. I also have a lot of hats. I really love hats such as caps, beanies, fedoras, etc.

Jin: I love big sweatshirts. I mostly have 2XL size sweatshirts or really boxy t-shirts.

J-Hope: Jackets and sweatshirts. I have two rows in my closet with the top row being jackets and the bottom row with sweatshirts, hoodies, and shirts. Overall, I have mostly sweatshirts and jackets.

Jimin: Accessories, pants, and coats. I don’t have a lot of items and already don’t have a lot, but from what I have these are the items I have the most of.

V: Shirts, long sleeve shirts, knits, and over-sized clothes. I like wearing over-sized jackets, cardigans, etc. I also love wearing shirts underneath sweaters so that’s why I have a lot of these types of clothes.

Jungkook: I don’t have much interest in fashion so I only really like plain t-shirts. That’s why I have so many plain t-shirts.

What part of your body do you think is the sexiest?

RM: A lot of people tell me I have pretty hands. I also really like my legs. To be honest, I didn’t really like them up until middle school because I thought they were too thick. Also, I’m not sure about this but I sometimes hear that I have a nice eyebrow bone too.

Jin: I have the widest shoulders out of the members and I recently lost weight so you can see my collarbone so I think that this is the sexiest part of my body.

J-Hope: I’m confident in my legs. So I choose my smooth legs.

Jimin: My eyes. (Reporter comments that there is no reason to ask why he chose that part because it’s true).

V: My eyes, nose, lips, and eyebrows. I just love myself rather than a specific body part.

Jungkook: My thighs. My fans talk a lot about my thighs. I did Taekwondo when I was younger so I think that my thighs are pretty nice.

What fashion item would you like to buy the person sitting on your right?

RM-> Jungkook I’d want to buy him pants because he has really strong and manly thighs. I think a pair of straight fit pants would look great on him.

Jin->J-Hope I’d want to buy him colorful shirts. J-Hope dresses well. His fashion really pops and I want to buy him something that would catch people’s eyes.

J-Hope-> RM He always say that he feels anxious if he doesn’t have a hat. I feel like his style dies down a bit because we always have vibrant hair colors. I’d want to buy him a pretty hat.

Jimin-> Jin Jin hyung dresses well but sometimes he will be dressed really amazing but his shoes don’t seem to match. I’d want to buy him some masculine style shoes that will match his outfits.

V-> Jimin I’d want to buy him sunglasses and rings because he really enjoys these items.

Jungkook-> V I’d want to buy him accessories such as rings and necklaces because he enjoys these things.

Do you care about your fashion in case you meet fans somewhere?

RM: I care a lot. I always care about how I dress wherever I go. Isn’t everyone like that?

Jin: Honestly, I don’t really care that much about clothes, but because I am an idol and fans will be watching us, I try my best to look decent. But, I don’t really have a huge interest in clothes and don’t really care about what people think about what I am wearing.

J-Hope: I can’t say that I don’t care because we are public figures and a lot of people are watching us. Photos of us are taken when we go to schedules or for the press and I’m sometimes shocked at what I’m wearing when I see photos later. It’s nice to be dressed nice and look good for the photos.

Jimin: It’s nice for everyone to see us but I don’t care too much about what people think.

V: I usually care quite a lot about these things. I don’t act like I don’t care because I really do care a lot about this.

Jungkook: I could really go out in my pajamas and not care at all.

Which member dresses the best?

RM: I like clothes the most so I think the members might have chosen me.

Jin: RM always dresses in various styles of clothes. But I like to dress in a more classic style so although I like RM’s styling, it isn’t my personal preference.

J-Hope: RM loves clothes the most so I choose him.

Jimin: I choose RM and V because they both don’t care what other people think and dress the way they want.

V: RM dresses well but I enjoy my style the most.

Jungkook: RM has the most amounts of clothes. I think he has three times as much as I do.

Is the person’s face what makes fashion complete?

RM: I think that’s only half correct. It is true but that’s not all. Confidence and attitude is more important than how you look. I’ve experienced this before too. It’s important to dress the way you want without any restrictions.

Jin: It could be the face, but it also doesn’t have to be. In my case, even if I don’t dress the best, it sometimes still looks good. It could be that my face makes up for my fashion sense. That’s what I think anyway.

J-Hope: No, I think proportions are what complete fashion. Having good proportions can make an outfit look great.

Jimin: I don’t think the face is what completes fashion. Even if someone is not that pretty or handsome, they still have their own unique traits.

V: I don’t think so. Sunglasses and masks also cover the face and they are used as fashion items too. If the face is what completed fashion, than we wouldn’t have a need for these items. I really don’t think the face is what completes fashion.

Jungkook: People who dress well aren’t all pretty or handsome so I disagree that the face is what completes the look.

Suga did not participate in this interview due to personal schedules.

It’s interesting to see that even four years after this interview, most of their answers still stand true today with the members! Whose fashion sense do you like the most?

Source: chosun news