BTS’s RM Doesn’t Always Show Aegyo But When He Does, He Will Leave You Dead

All hail RM the King of Aegyo!

After a successful first night of BTS‘s Magic Shop fan meeting in Osaka, Japan on December 14, 2019, RM greeted ARMYs online with a live broadcast session held in his hotel room.


After blessing the viewers with a 50-minute long broadcast, RM wanted to say goodbye using the broadcasting application’s “Stickers” feature.

Oh, maybe I can use a sticker before I go, since I don’t know when I’ll be able to do a live again… Let me see if there’s a cute one. I like cute things…

— RM


Unfortunately — or, fortunately for ARMYs — RM wasn’t successful at finding a good one…

They don’t have cute ones anymore… Where did they all go? Hm… Let me just use this one then…

— RM


… so instead, he decided to embody cuteness himself. Here’s his three-step aegyo parade, starting with the waves:

Goodbye, everyone!

— RM


Followed by the kisses:


And the grand finale of his combo hearts:


In the case you’re still standing, here’s a rerun: