BTS Fan Spots RM In Her Old Vacation Photos Two Years Later

He was also on a trip!

One lucky ARMY just got the surprise of a lifetime — BTS‘s RM in all his candidness!


Twitter user by the name of tetestears shared a story about her once in a lifetime encounter with RM. Recently, she was scrolling through old photos from a trip she took to Copenhagen. She and her mother visited Denmark’s capital back in 2019.

RM on vacation in 2019. | @bts_twt/Twitter

While on a boat tour, tetestears snapped a photo of her mother, unaware of who was in the background posing for his own photo.

“I came across this photo that I took of my mom on a boat tour,” she wrote in a tweet. “And when I zoomed in [on] the picture I started crying and screaming from happiness. It was Kim Namjoon right behind my mom.” 

At the time, RM was on vacation in Europe. He later released a travel vlog about his adventures in Milan, Venice, Vienna, and of course, Copenhagen. Here he is, dining at a restaurant in Copenhagen, wearing the same sweater seen in the fans’ photos.

Fellow ARMYs might be wondering how one of their own didn’t immediately spot RM, but at the time the photo was taken, tetestears had not yet fallen down the BTS rabbit hole.

I wasn’t a fan back then and I had no idea who those people were. I’d never checked the photo until today, and I am totally losing my mind. I couldn’t believe it, still can’t. He was there with two friends and the boat tour went on for about an hour and a half.

— tetestears

What an amazing story!