BTS’s RM Gives A Guided Tour Of His Vacation In Europe

He takes viewers through 9 days of museums and more in Europe.

BTS‘s RM is giving fans a taste of what it would be like to go on vacation with him in Europe.


On September 30, Big Hit Entertainment announced a special video log series featuring footage from BTS’s vacation. Each of the seven videos show what the members were up to on their break.

  • 10/2 Suga – Fishing at dawn
  • 10/3 J-Hope – Important business in LA
  • 10/4 RM – 9-day art museum tour with a friend in Europe
  • 10/7 Jin – Fishing
  • 10/9 V – Daily life with Yeontan
  • 10/10 Jimin – Paris & Hawaii
  • 10/11 Jungkook – Muscle Bunny’s workout


As promised, RM’s adventures in Europe were released on October 4. He travels to Milan, Italy…


…then Venice…


…to check out art museums…


…world-famous canals…


…music, and more.


Next up? Vienna! Here RM visited a carnival…


…did some “Namjooning” on a peaceful, summer night…


…and biked through the city like any ordinary 20-something.


RM also spent time dining, wining, and exploring the gorgeous outdoors in Copenhagen before flying home.


See more of his trip here: