ARMYs Are Pledging Allegiance To “Namkanda”, The Land Of BTS

Fans have founded a new country that’s just for BTS and ARMY.

Have you ever dreamed of packing your bags and moving to paradise? For ARMY, that “paradise” is the land of Namkanda.


Namkanda is a fictional country founded by BTS fans on October 14, 2018. Its name is a portmanteau of RM‘s real name, “Namjoon”, and “Wankanda”, the home country of Marvel‘s Black Panther.


According to Urban Dictionary, Namkanda was founded after ARMYs were “kicked out of the K-Pop category for being toxic” by “fake fans”“We decided to take our independence on this day,” the site says.


Namkanda doesn’t exist, geographically, but it almost could have. Back in 2018, fans set up Go Fund Me pages to buy an island for ARMYs to live on!


The island-buying plan hasn’t come to fruition (yet?), but ARMYs have already laid the groundwork for their new country. Namkanda’s president is, of course, RM, who rules “The Purple House”.


The national flag features BTS’s logo and signature color: purple.


ARMYs have even chosen a national food, flower, song, and sport!


Before you head to the airport, don’t forget to pack your passport…


…and exchange your money for Namkanda’s currency!


In 2019, Namkanda Nation is still going strong. When a Brazilian ARMY recently asked RM to be the president of Brazil, fans brought up the Namkanda agenda!



When ARMYs work together, they can achieve anything. So, who knows? Maybe Namkanda will really happen one day!