A Fan Asked BTS’s RM To Run For President, Here’s What He Said

RM personally responded to this ARMY in the best way.

“President Kim Namjoon“. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


BTS’s leader RM has earned the nickname “President” for his leadership skills, intelligence, interest in socio-political issues, and, of course, his legendary UNICEF speech.


President RM has inspired countless memes, but many fans can see this long-running joke becoming a reality someday.


Ever since the BTS Weverse opened, RM has been on a posting spree. He has replied to many ARMYs, including this ARMY who wants him to become the president of Brazil.


His response? “I need a [Brazilian] citizenship first.” 


Fans are loving their “president’s” response. If “Namjoon Nation” ever becomes a real country, ARMYs will apply for citizenship ASAP!