Remember That Time When BTS’s RM Became The Universe’s Cutest Spaceman?

ICYMI, we have visuals.

For BTS‘s 2019 FESTA Family Portrait photoshoot, members posed in outfits that signified their previous albums and tracks…


… and RM dressed up in his NASA space suit to represent the group’s “Anpanman” era, specifically their awesome 2018 MAMA performance.


ARMYs loved the visual on the universe’s cutest spaceman RM…


… and RM definitely had a blast posing in his funky fun astronaut-inspired outfit!


With throwbacks as adorable as this one…


… ARMYs will forever remember December 12, 2018 as that epic day RM became their one and only moonchild.


Watch the full photoshoot extravaganza here:

Source: THEQOO