RM’s “Bring The Soul” Advice Will Help You Conquer Any “Challenge”

He’s wise beyond his years.

BTS‘s RM will soon be turning 25, but he’s already wise beyond his years.


On August 27, the first episode of BTS’s Bring The Soul docu-series–“Challenge”–was released on Weverse. In it, each member reflects on the hardships he faces behind the scenes and how he overcomes them.


RM’s approach begins with recognizing what is in his control and what isn’t.


“There are things I can change and things I can’t change,” he said. “What I can change, I change.”


“If I don’t want to, that’s still okay. What I can’t change, I can’t change. So, it’s fine.”


“I’m doing good right now, the way I am.”


“So, keep going. Steadfast.”


RM’s advice was aimed at himself, but his wise words can help fans conquer every “Challenge” they face in their own lives.


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