Here’s All The BTS Content To Look Forward To In September

This is all the new and exciting BTS content that’s coming your way.

BTS are on vacation until October, but ARMY isn’t! There’s still plenty of BTS content to check out in the meantime, and here’s everything that fans have to look forward to, so far.


September 1 – Jungkook’s birthday

The Golden Maknae will turn 22 this year. Fans have launched a number of exciting birthday projects to celebrate.


September 3 – Bring The Soul Episode 2 (“Passion”)

Each Tuesday, fans looked forward to a new episode of Run BTS!. The show concluded its second season on August 20, but never fear; BTS’s new docu-series is taking over Tuesdays! This 6-episode series, based on Bring The Soul: The Movie, will air exclusively on Weverse throughout September.

September 10 – Bring The Soul Episode 3 (“Relationship”)

This episode takes place during BTS’s North America tour. It delves into the special bond between the members that has held them together for the last six years.


September 12 – RM’s birthday

Just as Jungkook’s birthday celebrations are ending, RM‘s will be starting. BTS’s fearless leader is turning 25 this year.


September 12 to 14 – “BTS Variety Chronicles”

SBS will be airing a special Chuseok variety show over the holiday that’s all about BTS. This collection of BTS’s greatest variety show moments will air sometime between September 12 to 14.


September 17 – Bring The Soul Episode 4 (“Influence”)

Episode 4’s thematic title is “Influence”. So far the summary for this episode and subsequent episodes has not been released.


September 24 – Bring The Soul Episode 5 (“Cordiality”)


September 26 – 2019 Summer Package in Korea release date

Fans who have ordered this year’s Summer Package can look forward to seeing BTS vacationing in the Korean countryside.


October 1 – Bring The Soul Episode 6 (“Energy”)

The final episode of BTS’s docu-series will air on this day.