BTS’s RM Once Bulldozed Suga On Stage…And Jin Isn’t Letting It Slide

He knows all about it.

BTS‘s “God of Destruction” RM has a talent for annihilating whatever makes the mistake of existing in his radius.


His long list of casualties includes sunglasses, props, sets, furniture, clothes, and…floors.

Even BTS’s own members aren’t safe from their leader’s “magic hands!” (What did Jungkook‘s shirt do to deserve this treatment? Hmm?)

One of RM’s funniest “God of Destruction” moments happened during a performance of “FIRE.” Suga was tearing up the stage with his charisma and swag…

…until RM bulldozed him out of the way. If you’re standing between RM’s point A and point B, we’ll C you in another life!

A fan once posted a gif of this clip on Weverse, captioning it, “Bulldozer Kim Namjoon.” When Jin saw it, he playfully called out RM for being a living steamroller while scolding ARMY at the same time.

| Weverse

Those who say, ‘It’s okay because it’s Namjoon’ need to get pushed by him once lol

— Jin

Jin also explained why RM is the way that he is. Basically, RM is a one-track train that will run over anything and anyone on the way to its destination. It just happens.

| Weverse 

He’s the type that only looks forward when he dances. No matter how much I see (this happen), it’s really lol

— Jin

Here’s the clip, for old time’s sake. Replay it to your heart’s content!