BTS’s RM Once Tore Off Jungkook’s Shirt On Stage

Because Jungkook’s abs weren’t enough for A.R.M.Y. to freak out over.

BTS fans lost their minds when RM ripped Jungkook‘s shirt open during a live performance.


The epic wardrobe malfunction happened on June 3, while BTS was performing “Fake Love” on SBS‘s live music program, Inkigayo.


For Jungkook, everything was going according to plan…


…until the “God of Destruction” came onto the scene.


During Suga‘s verse, RM reached for Jungkook’s shirt…


…and tore it wide open!


Jungkook twisted toward RM as part of the choreography, but it looked like he was slapping RM’s hand away!

Hyung, how dare you!


Jungkook tried to re-button his shirt…


…but there was simply no time.


Like a true professional, Jungkook went on with the show…


…even with his chest exposed to the world.


Jungkook’s unbuttoned top made this ab-flashing move too hot to handle!

Those buttons were holding on for dear life!


This isn’t the first time Jungkook has struggled with buttons on stage…

His shirt became undone during a performance of “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”.


…but it is the first time one of his members caused the problem!


Until “Fake Love”, Jungkook’s sexy physique was more or less on lockdown.


Fans only caught occasional glimpses.


Now Jungkook’s abs and chest have been shown to the world!


After the performance, RM posted this tweet.


Fans believe he may have been referring to the shirt-ripping incident.


He later apologized to Jungkook, who looked totally embarrassed about it.

“Nooo! Why did you bring that up? Shut-up! Shut-up! Stahhhhp!”Jungkook’s internal dialogue


Fans took to Twitter to thank the “God of Destruction”, and look forward to more “blessings” in the future.