BTS’s RM Shares He Can’t Sleep Without Earplugs And It Destroyed Jimin’s World

Jimin is such a care bear.

In a recent live broadcast, featuring BTS members RM and Jimin, the two discussed their sleeping habits have changed over time. When RM shared that he can no longer sleep without earplugs though, Jimin quickly grew concerned and it so clearly showed on his face. Fans are now in complete adoration of this cute moment between RM and Jimin!


Jimin brought up the fact that, since the group’s concert in Brazil, he doesn’t mind sleeping with the lights on anymore. He said he doesn’t remember falling asleep nowadays, but instead that he lies on his bed and it just happens.


RM responded with surprise and shared that he is the complete opposite. He even went and brought his earplugs to show Jimin and the viewers.

I can’t sleep like that anymore. I need my earplugs and I need the lights off.

— RM


As soon as Jimin heard this, he grew concerned. Once he saw RM’s earplugs, Jimin exclaimed, “Oh wow, you really need those to fall sleep?” Jimin checked out the earplugs in RM’s ears and realized it’s a real issue for his brother.


RM went on to explain that recently, he has become a bit more sensitive to the sounds surrounding him especially when he’s trying to fall asleep. He stated, “I think it has to do with the fact that our sleeping conditions keep changing. Like we’re constantly sleeping in new hotels, in different beds…” And throughout the whole thing, Jimin is looking at RM with the most worried facial expression in the universe.

So when I try to go to sleep, I can suddenly hear everything better… like the air purifier and the bathroom air conditioner… You know?

— RM


Check out how concerned Jimin looks. Without context, you would think his world has come to an end:


And ARMYs can’t help but fall in love with how Jimin is such a softie at heart – no matter how hard he tries to hide it. He will always care so much about his BTS brothers and it’s too cute for any fan to handle.

Watch the full clip here, with the UWU moment happening at the 13 minute mark:

Source: THEQOO