BTS’s RM Reveals The “Dilemma” He’s Having With His Hair

RM is currently “struggling” due to his hair!

In a recent live broadcast, BTS‘s RM revealed that he’s having a “dilemma” with his hair.


Currently, RM’s hair is getting as long as it’s ever grown!

RM revealed that he’s thought about shaving all of his hair. However, the cold weather in Korea makes RM’s scald cold.

Due to Korea’s weather, RM has no choice but to let his hair be.

RM is currently in a “dilemma”, as there are times where he wants to let his hair grow and tie it up. However, there are also times where RM just wants to shave all of his hair off!

For now, RM is just going to let his hair be.

No matter the decision RM makes about his hair, he will look flawless!

Source: Naver Live