BTS’s RM Emphasizes The Fact That He Must Constantly Study In Order To Maintain His English Skills

We respect a hard-working king!

BTS‘s smart and charismatic leader RM is the foundation of the group and is always there to keep the members in check as they continue this journey together. Although it may seem like everything he does is smooth and easy, there is actually quite a bit of hard work and effort that goes into his role as the leader. One in particular would be his English speaking skills. When we see him talking in interviews or at concerts, it may seem like he’s got everything under control, but there’s more to it that we can’t see!

Take a look at an interview at Radio Disney from 2017! His English sounds natural and easy.

Or take another listen to his speech he delivered at the United Nations back in 2018! His pronunciation sounds great and his confidence just exudes through his voice.

Even other people have noticed just how much effort RM puts in during English interviews! Jenna Marbles mentioned RM in a past podcast and revealed that she thought his English was “astoundingly good” and that it was amazing to see him taking care of the other members too.

Korean reporters have also mentioned RM’s great English skills during foreign interviews and praised him for his efforts!

But in reality, RM is constantly practicing his English and studying so that he doesn’t forget it.

He reveals that although it may seem like it’s easy for him, he actually forgets most of his English if he doesn’t use it for a month.

So much so that he couldn’t even hold a smooth conversation with Halsey when they met.

He thinks that unless you have lived abroad, language is the first thing that can be forgotten if you don’t use it on a daily basis.

Fans are aware of the hard work and effort that RM puts in not only with language but also his role as a leader and in his music.

RM continues to surprise and touch fans’ hearts through his consistency in learning and improving himself to become the best version of himself for everyone.