BTS’s RM Finds A Way To Encourage Jungkook In Disappointment

RM is the best leader!

During an episode of In the SOOP, there was a touching moment where BTS‘s RM encouraged a disappointed Jungkook.


During the episode, Jungkook was seen trying to make a rubber-powered glider, but he was struggling quite a bit.

RM soon came to check up on Jungkook and gave him some encouraging words.

Not only that, but RM also decided to stick around with Jungkook and got him a drink as well.

Jungkook eventually gave up on his glider, as it was giving him too much stress.

However, despite the glider not being complete, RM still complimented Jungkook on his work, telling him that the glider was “good enough to fly“.

Here’s the full video below!


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