BTS’s RM, EXO’s Kai, And JYJ’s Junsu Have Netizens Divided Over Which One Has A True “Dream House”

They’re all house goals!

BTS‘s RM, EXO‘s Kai, And JYJ‘s Junsu are all making waves online with their gorgeous interior design skills. However, netizens can’t seem to agree on which style is the best!

It all depends on your personal taste. Kai’s style is clean and minimal like something you might see in an advertisement.

He uses the colors black and white for just about everything, creating a charismatic yet clean impression.

This sleek, masculine vibe definitely appeals to many people who love a neat and crisp style of interior design.

Next, Junsu’s house is quite the opposite, but is still just as cool! His style focuses on extravagant and luxurious looking details.

One of the main accent colors is gold which helps to give off a luxurious impression.

Various décor pieces, such as his tables, chairs, and velvet rugs, also have a “royal” feeling.

Lastly, RM’s house style may appeal to those who love a calm and cozy style for their home.

Full of books and various art pieces, it gives off a natural feeling.

Different parts of it are so stocked with his favorite belongings that it feels like a museum!

Additionally, his sleek bedroom only has the necessities.

We wouldn’t mind owning any of those gorgeous homes!