BTS’s RM Once Revealed How He Felt When He Was Picked As The Group’s Leader

Being a leader isn’t easy.

Being the leader of a K-Pop group isn’t easy, and BTS‘s RM once spoke about some of the difficulties he faced when he learned that he was going to be the group’s leader. During an interview in 2014, RM revealed that he felt a lot of pressure when he became BTS’s leader.

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RM talked about how some people view the leader as “nothing.”

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However, there are also people who view the leader of a K-Pop group as someone who needs to hold a lot of responsibilities.

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RM viewed his position as leader importantly and told himself, “Ah, I should improve on my manners and act more responsible.

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Things ended up working out, as BTS got the best leader they could have asked for!


Here’s the full video below!