BTS Nearly Died Laughing When RM Did This Dance Move

When he “turned up” on stage, his members cracked up behind the scenes.

BTS‘s RM is wise, talented, and brilliant. He’s also side-splittingly hilarious, even when he’s not trying to be!


In Episode 3 of Bring The Soul, “Relationship”, dance teacher J-Hope gave his members critiques while reviewing their performance. For most of this review, BTS were in work mode and they took it all very seriously. Then, RM happened.


Jungkook told his members to watch RM’s “turn up” move from “MIC Drop”, and when they saw it…


…they burst out laughing! J-Hope laughed so hard that he nearly tumbled off the couch, Jimin couldn’t control his body…


…and Jungkook fell right into RM’s lap!


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