BTS’s RM Finally Gets His Revenge And Knocks Down Jimin’s Dominos

How cute are they?

Previously, BTS made an appearance on the YouTube channel The Game Caterers and played various mission games.

For RM’s mission, he had to set up 300 dominos before time ran out.

But every time he tried to start setting them up, Jimin would appear and knock them down.

RM: Man why is there so much wind blowing.

Jimin: Hehehehehe

RM: But don’t you kind of want to see it? All the dominos being knocked over?

Jimin: (knocks over dominos) They’re knocked down!

Jimin: Hehehehe

RM: Ahhh!

Jimin: Guys, come over here!

Ultimately, the game ended with RM failing to finish his dominos!

Recently, it looks like RM finally got his revenge!

In their most recent TikTok butter challenge, RM knocks down the dominos that Jimin was setting up.

But we all know just how much Minimoni love each other!

Source: theqoo