RM’s Gift From His Mother Was The Start Of His True Happiness

He shared the memory of a moment that changed his life forever.

RM is taking fans back in time to when BTS was still a fantasy, and he was still Kim Namjoon, an ordinary boy with big dreams.


In the last episode of BTS’s Bring The Soul docu-series, “Energy”, the members shared their final thoughts about the Love Yourself world tour, their staff, themselves, and more. During an interview, RM shared a special memory from his predebut days.


“Everyone has snapshots of memories in their heads,” he began. “My mom bought me a PG48.”


“It’s a microphone, cost about $45. She said she won’t buy it, but she surprised me, bought it for me secretly.”


“She said, ‘All right, do what you really want to do.’ I remember that.” 


“I think that moment was the start of my happiness. I think getting into music was the happiest moment.”


“The moment I started this.”


Back then, RM had no idea that he would one day be holding another microphone, inspiring millions of people, who can’t imagine a world without him in it.