BTS’s RM Struggles With One Thing While Getting Ready And It’s Too Relatable

This happens to all of us!

BTS has plenty of rituals before they get ready for a concert or take the stage for an interview. However, RM has one of his own!

He always spends a little extra time trying to figure out which pair of glasses suits him best. Besides asking staff, he has a great method to know which pair is for him!

Taking a selfie always works wonders!

Additionally, repeating his lines with and without the glasses can help a great deal.

When all else fails, vibing in front of the mirror in each pair will certainly make the decision more clear!

If this all seems familiar, it’s because it is. RM always takes his time when picking his glasses.

He once apologized for wearing his prescription glasses too much, but the truth is that fans can’t get enough of him in the chic look.

Whether he’s on stage and dressed up in a fancy way…

…or he’s just rocking his reading glasses, ARMYs think the look is perfect for him.


Too cute!

Check out which glasses RM picked below.