BTS’s RM Goes Viral For Trying To Include All Genders

Fans appreciated the effort he put into acknowledging everyone.

Because of how well-spoken and respectful he is, BTS‘s RM never fails to prove how much he cares for others. He recently won over fans with an attempt at gender inclusivity that touched hearts and caused just a bit of laughter.


During a live broadcast, a fan asked if they could look forward to seeing “Louder than bombs” being performed live. RM responded, “Members should practice that hard. That song is very difficult to sing.

RM said, “That song is hard, girl,” addressing the person who asked the question. He then realized he could’ve made a mistake and added, “Or boy.” RM was so respectful that he didn’t stop there, either.

Trying to cover all the bases, RM finished by saying, “Or man. Or woman.” While RM made fans chuckle at the cute way he corrected himself, fans appreciated the effort he put into including as many genders as he could.

Although he wasn’t able to include all the genders that are used in the world, ARMY appreciated the thought behind it and praised RM for being considerate of others.

The moment from the live broadcast went viral among fans who loved RM’s gender inclusivity.

Source: Naver Live