BTS RM’s Goodbye At The MOTS: 7 Press Conference Made No Sense, But It Surely Made ARMYs Laugh


Usually, when BTS complete a press conference or an interview, leader RM takes the initiative and says something along the lines of, “That’s all for today, we are BTS, (dul, set) Thank you.” Here’s him wrapping it up at the Map of the Soul: Persona press conference:

And at the Billboard Awards press conference:

Likewise, at the most recent Map of the Soul: 7 press conference, RM tried…

… but he ended up skipping a good mouthful of words, leaving him with this hilariously cute tongue-twisted goodbye:

That’s all, we- BTSss…? Thank you!

ARMYs can’t stop laughing at how, throughout the press conference, he presented himself as the most composed and sophisticated leader RM…

… but in this brief, final moment, he ended up blowing his cover and showing everyone his adorable silly self!

Source: THEQOO