BTS’s RM Continues To Grow Out His Hair: Here’s Why And How It’s Going

“I usually can’t stand long hair, but…”

Recall when BTS’s RM used to rock this short, clean-cut hairstyle? This has been his iconic look for a while…


… until he decided to grow his hair out for the first time in 7 years. At his 4-5 months mark, he looked like a baby lion, with his golden mane in the making:


And throughout the growing-out period, he kept the same aesthetic in different colors!


In a past live broadcast though, RM shared that he “usually can’t stand long hair”…


… yet he chose to bear through it for more stylistic options.

I usually can’t stand long hair. So when I get it cut really short, it always makes me feel super refreshed. But the thing is… like, short hair makes me look sharp and all but I realized there is only so much I can do with short hair. And I want to keep the fans happy by trying new things. So I’m sticking through it this time, to grow it out.

— RM


So when BTS announced the MOTS: 7 album release, ARMYs grew curious to see how RM will style his hair for the comeback. Those who fell in love with the long-haired RM hoped that he would keep the full locks — and their wish did come true, as RM showed up at the Incheon International Airport in this most gorgeous style:


Though slightly trimmed, RM still sports relatively long hair…


… and he looks royal AF in the ashy-blonde glory. ARMYs are in love with how soft the mane looks…


… and are grateful for RM’s dedication to keep them satisfied with such A+ visuals!

Source: THEQOO