BTS’s RM Opens Up About The Biggest Hardship That Comes With Representing The Asian Community

He asked Pharrell Williams for help.

BTS‘s contribution to the Asian community as one of its representatives cannot be underestimated. Member RM revealed how he feels about it in a chat with American rapper Pharrell Williams for Rolling Stone.

RM (left) and Pharrell Williams (right)

According to the K-Pop leader, he never would have imagined that he and his group would be invited to the U.N and meet American president Joe Biden. It wasn’t their intention to become representatives of the Asian community. It naturally happened, and they took on the role with passion and dedication.

As a team, we’ve been to the U.N., and we also met President Biden. We never thought these things [would happen], but I think naturally we became one of the representatives from the Asian community.

— RM

However, the biggest difficulty with it is that it made him question if he deserves to take on the heavy responsibility. Even now, he doubts that he is good enough for the role. With that in mind, he asked Pharrell Williams how he personally handles the moral obligations he is in charge of.

I’m always thinking to myself, ‘Am I that good? Do I deserve all the responsibilities?‘ And I’m really doubting myself. I’ve heard that you do a lot of stuff for the community. So I wonder how you deal with all the responsibilities to be good and moral.

— RM

According to the popular producer, he learns from his mistakes and tries to educate himself. He even sets up nonprofit organizations to raise awareness about the cause and help contribute towards it.

I mean, the [charity] work that I do, there’s always a circumstance. Either I’d say some dumb shit and then regret it later, or there’s been a time when I have a record that sort of affected a certain portion of a demographic. So then it made me think about things differently. And then I go set up a [nonprofit] and act against the ignorance that I was a part of. And educate myself, enlighten myself. Then other times, I also do it because of what you just said.

— Pharrell Williams

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Whenever he questions his worth, he reminds himself of the good that he is doing.

When you ask yourself, ‘Man, am I good enough?‘ Or, ‘Do I deserve all this?‘ I think what makes it easier for me to sleep at night is when I go do that work. It helps answer those questions. It’s like, wherever there was a deficit in your confidence of you deserving to be here or getting that kind of awe from the fans, wherever the minus is, this adds to it.

— Pharrell Williams

Upon hearing his answer, RM said, “I hope all of my confusion and these stupid thoughts will help my life get better, [and I can] be a better grown-up for the fans.”

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Source: Rolling Stone