BTS’s RM Let The Whole World Know That Jimin Stole His Snack

RM comically exposed Jimin as a “daanpatbbang” thief.

Don’t steal RM‘s tasty snacks…unless you want millions of people to find out about your “crime”!


On November 6, RM popped by Weverse to comment on fans’ posts. In one post, a fan asked why RM looks so sad in this “Anpanman” photo.


He replied in English, saying, “cuz jimin stole my daanpatbbang.” Daanpatbbang is red bean bread, the invisible snack RM hands to Jimin in the “Anpanman” choreography.


Soon after, RM posted a photo of daanpatbbang with this hilarious caption.


Uh-uh. The world’s cutest thief has been exposed!