BTS’s RM, Jin, And Jimin Moments That You Didn’t Know You Needed

It’s always a good time with these three!

BTS’s Jin, Jimin and RM held a live stream titled Jin Jun Min~ Making Salad and showed off their adorable charms.

Fans who watched the live stream couldn’t help but compare these three to this photo!

| @curly_fries1_2015/ifunny

ARMYs know that this trio of Jin Jun Min is known for having Jimin stuck between his hyungs, making the moment even more precious.

Just look at how precious they are!

Jimin looks so adorable and tiny between his hyungs.

Jimin just always happens to be between these two!

Put these three together and it’s just pure chaos! From live streams…

…to karaoke…

…to rowing a boat!

But when you see them separately, they give off a totally different image.

RM giving off total CEO vibes…

…Jin looking like an actor…

…and Jimin giving off flight attendant visuals.

But put them together and it’s always a good time!


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