BTS’s RM Flat Out Asked Jimin And Jungkook If They Were A Couple

RM sent this ship sailing on the latest episode of “Run BTS!”.

BTS shippers are thanking RM for giving them a hilarious, new “JiKook” moment to smile about.


After a three week break, BTS‘s Run BTS! returned with a brand new episode. Episode 69 was filmed in Canada during BTS’s Love Yourself world tour.


In this episode, BTS competed to earn points through games and challenges to avoid a penalty. One of the games involved staring into the camera lens without blinking for 15 seconds.


Most of the members passed…


…in spite of certain distractions…


…but fans loved one particular moment just as much as the contest. During Jin‘s turn, RM looked over at Jimin and Jungkook in the background and jokingly asked them if they’re a couple.


Jungkook and Jimin were wearing matching denim clothes that could easily pass for stylish couple outfits.


So, if you’re looking for outfit ideas, look no further!