BTS RM And Jungkook’s Shirtless Workout Wrecked Fans In The Best Way

ARMYs are losing their minds over this gym video.

“How am I supposed to live my life, knowing Namjoon works out shirtless?” 

This ARMY‘s tweet summed up the struggle that countless BTS fans go through in their daily ARMY routine. Fans could barely handle BTS’s regular workout videos, but a shirtless video? We be dyin’.

BTS previously released their highly anticipated at the time Memories of 2018 DVD. This collector’s item featured highlights and behind the scenes clips from 2018, including the members’ gym time.  

In one clip, RM jogs on a treadmill, shirtless. Unfortunately for fans, the editors clothed him with an oversized emoji. Shirtless Jungkook could also be seen doing core exercises…

…and popping up in the background.

Naturally, fans are cursing out the editors for blocking the view.

Even so, just knowing about these shirtless workouts is more than enough to deal with!


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