KARD’s BM Just Added BTS’s RM To His “Big Man Tiddies” Club

He’s now a member.

BTS‘s RM has just been informally inducted into the prestigious “Big Man Tiddies” club, thanks to KARD‘s BM.


Back in March, BM named pecs (or as he says, “man tiddies”) as the most important part of a man’s body. His live broadcast ended up going viral, and now “big man tiddies” and “BM” are synonymous.


So far, the big man tiddie “brotherhood” includes BM, MONSTA X‘s Wonho, and SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu…and now, RM.


In a recent live, BM was reading fan comments out loud. One comment said, “RM has big tiddies”, making BM laugh. He said, “Fo sho. I’ve never seen them, but that’s what’s up.” 


Congrats to RM for becoming an official member!