BTS RM’s Latest Tweet Featuring A “Moon Jar” Has ARMYs Learning All About The Porcelain Beauty

Read to learn more about the dalhangari.

In his latest tweet, BTS‘s RM shared a picture of himself posing with a large “moon jar”, also called dalhangari as he captioned, which is a type of traditional Korean porcelain.


As he left ARMYs growing curious over what makes these dalhangari-s special, a pottery-savvy ARMY came to the rescue and educated everyone:

Hi friends, according to my father whose hobby is pottery, the name dalhangari is given to white porcelain which are glazed and are at least 30cm in diameter… The well made moon jars will have regular cracks all over the surface… The smaller and more uniform these cracks are, the better made the dalhangari is!

— Pottery Savvy ARMY


This ARMY also added it is not easy to make moon jars, considering the size and the special technique that is needed to create the shape.

Kwon Dae Sup, Ceramic Artist

These moon jars need about 40 kilograms of clay… But seeing from the size in comparison to RM sitting next to it, that particular dalhangari probably used more than that. Plus, these moon jars are special because, unlike other types of porcelain, the artist makes two halves of the hemisphere and join them in the middle. It takes a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail to bake these!

— Pottery Savvy ARMY


Artist Kwon Dae Sup, the pottery master whose name RM tagged in the tweet, revealed in his previous interview that he began making dalhangari enchanted by the elegance of it.

I was studying painting when I came across a white porcelain moon jar from the Joseon Dynasty at an antique shop in Seoul. I was enthralled by its graceful beauty, it was love at first sight, that jar, so simple at first glance. It left me with so many different impressions, I decided right there and then to become a potter instead of a painter.

— Kwon Dae Sup


He describes his jars to have “an imposing presence but harmonizes with its surroundings”. ARMYs realized that this particular philosophy behind moon jars must have inspired RM to go see the work…

I try to produce work that needs no addition or subtraction. I wish to create work that has an imposing presence but harmonizes with its surroundings regardless of where and when it is displayed. It should give peace of mind and a sense of comfort to all who look at it.

— Kwon Dae Sup


… as after all, RM is exactly like a moon jar: with an imposing presence, but ever so harmonious with his surroundings.

Source: THEQOO and Taste Contemporary