BTS Savagely Tease RM For His Bike Scene From The “Life Goes On” Music Video

The members couldn’t help but laugh due to J-Hope’s comment.

In BTS‘s “Life Goes On” music video, there was a scene where RM wiped off some dust from his bike seat. This scene signified how RM is unable to ride his bike due to COVID-19.

BTS RM’s bike scene from the “Life Goes On” music video | Big Hit Labels/YouTube

However, when the members were reacting to the “Life Goes On” music video, they decided to tease RM a bit about this scene.

BTS’s Jimin

When the members saw the scene of RM wiping the dust off his bike seat, they immediately paused the video. The members then teased RM, saying that he never dusts off his bike.

J-Hope continued the teasing by stating that RM wipes dust off his bike seat with his butt, and the members couldn’t help but laugh.


After teasing RM, they continued playing the music video. J-Hope was tempted to pause the video and tease RM again when he saw a scene of RM blowing off the dust from his fingers, but RM laughingly said, “Let’s keep watching“.

The members sure do love teasing each other!


Here the music of “Life Goes On” below!

Source: Naver Live