Remember BTS RM’s Meme From 2018? Here’s What He Thinks About It Now

RM still remembers this moment!

In 2018, BTS‘s RM had quite an “awkward moment”. At the 32nd Golden Disc Awards, RM ate a fortune cookie that still had the paper inside, and it soon became an iconic meme.

Recently, at the 35th Golden Disc Awards, this meme was mentioned. RM shared that he still remembers it.

| Golden Disc Awards/YouTube 

RM even predicted that the meme would be “going around” since it often reappears when the Golden Disc Awards broadcasts.

| Golden Disc Awards/YouTube  

Jungkook then got playful and asked if they would be doing anything with fortune cookies, and he was told that the staff would “try” and get some fortune cookies for them.

| Golden Disc Awards/YouTube 

Here’s the full video below!