BTS RM Just Named His American Celebrity Crush

During his first interview with BBC radio, BTS’s RM talked about K-Pop’s global phenomenon.

But things took a sudden turn and he ended up revealing his celebrity crush!

He initially talked about how much he loves Camilla Cabello and shared tidbits on how he met her at the American Music Awards.

However, he went on to talk about his other celebrity crush, Shawn Mendes, as well.

“I have to mention Shawn Mendes because he’s like the most good looking man I’ve ever seen in 2017. He was so handsome.”

– RM

Funny enough, Shawn Mendes just did an interview gushing about his new friendship with the members!

He even called them the “most beautiful guys I’ve ever seen in my life.” 

Shawn Mendes Talked About Collaborating With BTS, And We All Know What That Means

The admiration is evident as their friendship as they set to possibly collaborate and release a material together as well!