BTS’s RM Got Hurt When Filming The “No More Dream” Music Video, Here’s What Happened

RM even went to the emergency room!

BTS‘s RM is known for his clumsy personality, and he even got injured during the filming of the “No More Dream” music video.


When BTS guested on Super Junior Shindong‘s ShimShimTaPa, RM shared that he injured himself when filming some of the “destruction scenes” for the “No More Dream” music video. Specifically, RM got hurt when he got a piece of wood and smashed it into something.

| Old Peppy Grace/YouTube
Some of the “destruction scenes” from the “No More Dream” music video | Big Hit Labels/YouTube

RM revealed that there was a nail in the piece of wood he used.

| Old Peppy Grace/YouTube

However, RM didn’t know about the nail, and he soon injured himself due to it. After injuring himself, RM went to the emergency room to get treated. Thankfully, RM wasn’t too hurt and was able to go back to filming the music video.

Here’s the “No More Dream” music video and episode of ShimShimTaPa below!