BTS’s RM Once Was Seriously Injured, But Decided To Hide It From ARMYs

RM didn’t hesitate when making his decision.

The BTS members are extremely dedicated performers, to the point where they perform even when they’re injured. During an episode of Burn the Stage, RM was seen in quite a bit of pain due to a leg injury. When the group briefly went backstage during a concert, RM had to get assistance from one of the staff members due to his injury.

When getting treatment, RM was groaning in pain.

The staff members stated that it was serious and even suggested that RM may have to sit out of the performance. However, RM quickly stated that he was going to perform despite the injury.

Jungkook couldn’t help but show concern seeing RM in pain.

Despite the injury, RM went on stage and performed beautifully for ARMYs.

Here’s the full video below!