BTS’s RM Spotted Wearing Pants That He Bought in a Second-Hand Online Exchange

RM showed up at Music Bank wearing the second-hand pants he bought himself.

BTS‘s RM made an online purchase of second-hand pants, and the story behind it has been going viral in online communities.

The person that sold RM the pants shared a post expressing their surprise in seeing him wear the pants to Music Bank.

 I’m the person that recently shared a post about an exchange I made with RM but quickly took it down as soon as I heard it was going viral. I looked up Visvim today, and in a photo of RM going to Music Bank, he was wearing the pants I sold him. This is so cool.

– Netizen

The netizen also shared a screenshot of the conversation he had with who he suspects to be RM.

Buyer: I’m buying the “Camus”.

Seller: You’re the one who bought the “Hakama” last time. You’ll like the sizing. My account number is XXXX XXXX at XX Bank.

Buyer: I’ll deposit the money before 3. One moment, please. Haha.

Seller: Sure, let me know when you do. Have you made the deposit yet? Haha

Buyer: I just did. Is shipping included? My address is XXX XXX, Kim Namjoon.

Seller: Yes, it is. I’m already at work, so I can’t send it to you today, but I’ll ship it first thing in the morning. Thank you.

– Online Exchange

Seller: I sent the product! Enjoy! I’m sorry to ask you this, but are you RM from BTS? I didn’t notice this before, but your address and name suggest that you are… I also heard you like Visvim. If you are, I’m really honored… Haha. If I’m being rude, you can just ignore me. Have a good day!

Buyer: Thank you 🙂

– Online Exchange

The pants that RM was seen wearing to Music Bank last April is a product of the brand, Visvim, and although it is unconfirmed if the buyer was really RM, fans are delighted by the thought that RM bought a second-hand item himself.

He looked very fashionable either way!


Source: Dispatch