Meet BTS RM’s Little Family Of Plants And Succulents – Yes, He Names His Plants

Say hello to Cherry and the gang!

If you’ve ever wondered what BTS‘s RM does in his spare time apart from practicing, songwriting, studying and being his general lovely self, he also takes care of his own pet plants! The singer has a total of 6 plants – here’s a quick introduction to his flora family.

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1. A plum blossom

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He’s named this particular one maehwa-agi, which means baby plum blossom! He must treasure the plant deeply. It is 6 years old and according to RM, it blooms once every two to three months.

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It serves as a reminder for him to work hard in life as well.

2. The succulent

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He’s named this one da-yookie, which just means a succulent in Korean! RM finds living amongst plants a good way to live.

3. A cherry blossom

While there are no official photos of his cherry blossom potted plant, he has shared a drawing of it on social media. He has named this one, Cherry. Cherry is 13 years old.

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4. A bonsai

He’s named this 16-year-old bonsai plant jjin-jjin.

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5. A maple plant

Lastly, he has a maple plant called Ori. However, he has yet to reveal any photos of the plant. Here’s an illustrative photo of a maple plant instead.

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We hope he takes great care of these plants, contrary to his “magic hands” reputation! In other news, BTS has recently released their new album, BE!

Source: Maple Plant and Pann