BTS’s RM Has One Person In Mind After Receiving President Biden’s Heartfelt Advice

RM couldn’t help but think of his loved ones.

BTS made history last week when they met with the president of the United States, Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris to speak on anti-Asian hate crimes and the importance of Asian representation and inclusion.

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BTS made a short speech to the press before meeting with the president to continue their conversation behind closed doors. Today, the White House’s official YouTube channel uploaded a video with a peek at part of their private conversation.

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In the first part of the video, BTS explained why they accepted the invitation to the White House. Member Suga shared that through their world travels, they’ve witnessed people come together, despite differences in languages and cultures, to enjoy BTS’s music. Because of this, they wanted to speak about the power of diversity.

They met with Vice President Kamala Harris, who reminded them of the power they have with their global platform saying when they speak on important issues such as hate and prejudice, BTS speaks in a way that makes people feel less alone.

The end of the video focused on BTS’s meeting with President Joe Biden. It was shown that President Biden had welcomed the group by playing their song “Butter” to make them feel at home. He applauded the group by telling them, “what you’re doing makes a big difference.

President Biden’s touching words of advice to BTS caught the attention of fans. After addressing the group’s impact, he was candid with them and said, “I know you know what you’re doing, but don’t underestimate it. Not just your great talent; it’s the message you’re communicating. It matters.” He ended by saying, “This is one President who appreciates you.”

President Biden’s words visibly touched the members, who were emotional in their reactions.

As he held his hand to his heart and took in the President’s compliment, RM adorably had one person on his mind.

During the powerful moment, the person on BTS’s leader’s mind was his mom.

The rest of the video is available to view below!