BTS’s RM Gets Honest About The Difference Between Promoting Solo Vs. As A Group

“Usually when we are performing together…”

Following the release of his first full-length album Indigo, BTS‘s RM has been hard at work promoting as a soloist. Because he’s spent so many years focusing on the group’s promotions, he opened up about how different it is to promote alone.

RM | @rkive/Instagram

Appearing on KBS News to discuss his album, the reporter asked RM if he had more freedom when promoting as a solo artist.

You launched a solo album, and not long ago, you held a small concert too. You must be busy, but compared to the time as BTS, relatively speaking, do you feel like you have some leeway or what?

— News9 Reporter

RM confirmed that he does have a bit more freedom, in a sense, but it comes with a cost. He pointed out, “Relatively speaking, I do have some leeway, but it feels like things are getting more intense.

Because the focus is only on RM, all the responsibility falls on him. He explained, “Usually when we are performing together as a group, my share is just 1/7. But now that I am doing everything by myself, it’s very dense and intense.

RM emphasized how difficult it could be without anyone to rely on, “I have to do a lot on my own, so I feel like things are more intense.

Because of RM’s dedication, not only has his hard work paid off with an album he’s proud of, but fans are also enjoying the new side of him.

Listen to RM discuss the difference between solo and group promotion.


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