BTS’s RM Gains Attention For His Ripped Arms…As He Should

Kim Namjoon for husband-material.

An online community post recently brought to light the fact that BTS‘s RM has some seriously toned arms! The post praised him for his bulk-up, complimenting him on his efforts to build up some muscle.


It was BTS’s recent video appearance as they did an interview, that drew the attention of ARMYs to his arms, even though he was decked out only in a simple black top.


Early fans would know that the leader, while he did already possess some serious arm power during his adolescence, his frame certainly grew a lot bigger as he got older. His arms stand out even more, in sleeveless tops!


For a comparison, here’s his bulk-up in side-by-side shots! He really has been working hard at the gym!

| PANN    

Fans also made sure to compliment his physique for being basically perfect. His tall height adds to his overall clothing-fit and vibe.

Even in his earlier days, he was already in possession of a summer-ready body!

| PANN  

ARMYs are basically calling for marriage at this point! They have also praised his rising visuals as he got more handsome over the years. He ages like fine wine!

If you want to marry him though, you might have to get in line…and fight off at least 3 million ARMYs, not to mention all 6 other members of BTS, to get approval! In other news, BTS is slated to make a comeback with an all-new, full length album in the later half of 2020.

Source: Pann


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