BTS’s RM Revealed What Happens When He Gets Drunk

A fan asked, so RM spilled the tea on his habits.

When the members of BTS have a round of drinks with each other, there’s always some fun and chaos going on. The fact that they all have different habits when they have more than a couple of sips of alcohol makes it even more amusing.

Like lightweight J-Hope, RM has a few habits of his own. Thanks to the former, everyone knows that RM’s somewhere in the middle when it comes to each member’s alcohol tolerance.

Fans also know that all the English words that come to mind just start flowing from his mouth. Thanks to a fan, RM ended up sharing three more of his habits when he’s had too much to drink.

During a fan signing event, an ARMY asked RM to share his habits when he’s had more than enough to drink. He turned down the options of randomly dancing, placing kisses on anyone near him, or bursting into tears from becoming emotional.

Instead, RM revealed there are two routes he takes. When feeling upbeat, he laughs like there’s no tomorrow and sings like he’s in his own private noraebang room.

On the flip side, he’s the complete opposite when the excitement settles down. By then, he’s ready to lay down and go to sleep. In fact, RM probably does all three in that exact order.

One thing’s for sure. Whenever RM gets drunk, he’s fun to be around. Who wouldn’t want to have a fun time singing and laughing, followed by a relaxing sleep?

Plenty of ARMYs would sign up to be his drinking buddy, along with the rest of the BTS members.