BTS’s RM Reveals That Every Moment In Life Is Beautiful And Hopes That We Find Our Galaxies Inside Us

RM’s words bring hope and consolation to the world.

BTS’s RM once revealed that every moment in our lives, good or bad, are considered the most beautiful moments in our lives.

In 2015, BTS was preparing to release a new album in October. But the album release was pushed back and officially dropped on November 30 that year. During their first concert showcasing their title track “RUN”, the members revealed that they went through a slump while preparing for this album.

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During their ending speeches, member J-Hope admitted that they had a hard time as they worked on this album. But he emphasized that they were able to make it through because of ARMYs.

Leader RM touched fans’ hearts with his ending message of letting them know that we all have galaxies inside of us.

I thought about how to say this and I believe that my dad who goes to work at the office, my mom who goes to the real estate office, my sibling, the dogs and cats on the street, the trees, and even rocks all have a galaxy inside their hearts. Of course, there might be some that will never find their galaxy until they die.

— RM

Although we tell you that our Most Beautiful Moment In Life Part 1 and Part 2 albums are about danger and energy, we hope that you truly find your galaxy. They say it’s the most beautiful moment in life, and the Chinese characters used for this phrase starts with the character for flower and ends in the character for light. This beautifulness, what is it? We have to see the ugly side for us to see the beauty.

— RM

So we’re not saying to just endure the hard times because the good times will come around some time. We’re saying that even the hard times are a beautiful moment in life. If you can think this way, then our most beautiful moment in life will truly be more meaningful.

— RM

Lastly, we hope that you will be able to blossom like a flower in your most beautiful moments in life and find your own galaxy as you listen to our album. I love you all.

— RM

RM’s choice of words and expressions have brought consolation and hope to those that have gone through hardships in life. It’s BTS’s positive message that has brought light and happiness to the world.

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