BTS’s RM Reveals The Key Difference Between “Boy In Luv” And “Boy With Luv”

How they create their concepts is much simpler than you’d think.

During their time at Jingle BallJ-14 magazine interviewed BTS. One question interviewer Liam McEwan touched on was how they’re able to come up with their creative storylines: “How far in advance are you thinking? How long does it take to come up with the perfect BTS storyline?”


ARMYs often become detectives, figuring out the mysteries of each new release and how they connect with ones from the past. Contrary to everyone’s beliefs, RM revealed that their concepts aren’t all planned as one cohesive project.

He laughed as he stated, “If we say this whole thing is like a big puzzle, it’d be a lie.” When it involves their concepts, what they’re feeling at the time is the most essential part. That’s what shapes the outcome. He then used the concepts for “Boy In Luv” and “Boy With Luv” as examples to explain what he meant.

The most important thing is how we’re currently feeling, right now. So, that’s what we focus on when we making our album concept.

When creating “Boy With Luv”, they forced themselves to take a step back and evaluate how far they’ve come and what their current mindset is. They needed to do so to show how much they’ve evolved since “Boy In Luv”.

We thought that we should just step a little back. Stop a bit and look back [at] what we’ve been through and what we have right now. So, that’s how we came up with the “Boy With Luv”.

That’s when RM simplified by revealing the critical difference between the two concepts. The “Boy” in “Boy In Luv” sought love outside of himself while the one in “Boy With Luv” found it inside of himself.

“Boy In Luv”? The love is outside of him. “Boy With Luv”; it’s inside of him. That’s the difference.

Sometimes, BTS’s concepts aren’t as complicated as you might think. It’s merely about how much they’ve grown and begun to love themselves. Watch RM explain the difference between the two concepts and how they create them here.