BTS’s RM Once Took Revenge On Brave Brothers… For His Beloved Bang PD-Nim

“Hyung, you might really be finished.”

It was back in 2010 when Brave Brothers of Brave Entertainment released “Round & Round” as part of his first album for himself. When it dropped, the track received somewhat of a backlash for mentioning four of the hottest producers at the time.

Brave Brothers called out J. Y. Park, Bang Si Hyuk, Cho Young Su, and Shinsadong Tiger for “making fake idol music” — and the music video, featuring this brave brother seemingly eliminating his competitors, immediately sparked beef between Brave Brothers and the producers mentioned.

Shortly after the diss track began circulating, Big Hit Entertainment‘s rapper trainees RM, Iron, and Supreme Boi who initially made up Bangtan Sonyeondan put their heads together to avenge their one and only Bang PD-nim. RM, though only seventeen years old when this happened, knew exactly how to respond.

Pre-debut RM with Big Hit Entertainment rappers

Soon, this pre-debut BTS shared online their comeback track “Hook Gayo“, also known as simply “Hook”…

You entered YG because of your rap, but only dug in the ground with the mic. After The Last Goodbye became a real last goodbye, things went straight downhill. You closed your eyes tight at the development in the music business but the public’s eyes are paparazzi. With all the hook songs you’ve sold off, hyung, you might really be finished.

— From “Hook Gayo”

… and as the saying goes, “sh*t got real“. Brave Brothers ended up never responding to “Hook Gayo” — but everyone in the scene knew Bang Si Hyuk and his young and passionate underdog rappers of Big Hit had won the round.

Since then, Big Hit Entertainment has reached unfathomable success in the K-Pop scene. BTS have gone mega-global and made Bang PD-nim proud by “paving the way” for other K-Pop artists. And these accomplishments Brave Brothers himself praised in an interview held in 2018. He commented, “BTS and Bang Si Hyuk sunbae have really opened up an amazing door for the rest of us.”

And ARMYs can’t help but point out that, perhaps, the real revenge took place when Brave Brothers had to spit out those very words.

Source: YouTube and NoCut News