BTS’ RM Said He Wants To Be A Dad and People Are Freaking Out

He’s already the dad of BTS.

BTS’s leader, rapper, and father figure to six other boys, Kim Namjoon began trending on Twitter when their full interview with Radio Disney was released.

When asked what the member’s childhood dreams were, Namjoon replied with “I wanted to be a dad.”

ARMY’s started to get emotional since Namjoon fit the role perfectly.

He definitely had his own fair share of “dad” moments in the past, even holding up baby shoes during a V-Live.

ARMY’s couldn’t help but play an “imagine Namjoon” game with future possible scenarios.

Even Suga gave his opinion, saying “You can!” in support of Namjoon’s original goal.

One thing’s for sure, Namjoon will have the best supportive family in BTS to back him up.