BTS Once Scared RM So Much He Ran Out Of The Recording Studio, Here’s What Happened

RM was spooked!

The BTS members love pranking each other, and they once pulled off a hilarious spooky prank on RM!

BTS’s J-Hope

During an interview, the members were asked to share some scary stories, and RM spoke about an incident that happened when the members were recording one of their songs. When it was RM’s turn to record, he heard some strange sounds.

We were recording one of our songs. I was recording that song with J-Hope, and I heard a sound that was like kicking the door and knocking on the door. I heard that, and I was like, ‘What the hell was that?! Hey, did you hear that?!”

— RM

| yandevass/YouTube

RM was so scared that he ran out of the recording studio! RM eventually went back into the recording studio, and the members decided to prank him.

| yandevass/YouTube

The members started knocking on the recording studio door on purpose while RM was recording!

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RM was spooked by this and once again ran out of the studio.

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RM soon went back to the recording studio and, this time, was able to finish his recording.

| yandevass/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!