Why BTS RM’s Role As Mad Scientist In “2022 Season’s Greetings” Fits Him So Well

The role fits him perfectly!

BTS‘s RM took on the role of Mad Scientist in the 2022 Season’s Greetings, and he nailed it!

BTS’s RM as the Mad Scientist | @bangtan.official/Facebook

2022 Season’s Greetings theme was “Star Turned Villain,” and all the BTS members took on new villainous personas for the DVD package.

| @bangtan.official/Facebook

RM appeared in the preview for the upcoming DVD as the Mad Scientist. Although we only got a glimpse of his character, it’s clear that the Mad Scientist had a lot in common with RM, even though RM uses his brains for good.


As he worked in his lab, the Mad Scientist said, “People call me a genius scientist or a weirdo.”

Although RM isn’t a scientist, he has been called a genius on many occasions! When he appeared on the variety show Problematic Man, he amazed the cast by how quickly he figured out the math problems the cast members were asked to answer.

| tvN D ENT/YouTube

He’s also impressed the BTS members with his quick thinking on Bangtan Quiz Show and on Run BTS! many times.

| Bangtan Subs/YouTube

With an IQ of 148, RM is also considered a verified genius, so it’s no wonder that BTS often referred to his “sexy brain” as the trait they’d like to steal from him.

| Moony M/YouTube

In the 2022 Season’s Greetings preview, the Mad Scientist reflected on how he could decide whether his concoctions would become poison or medicine.

RM doesn’t cook up poisons in a laboratory, but he has often proven that he’s prone to reflecting on things’ deeper meanings. Many of his songs have used wordplay and have a contemplative nature to them. For example, in “Trivia: Love,” he reflected on the meaning of love and used the words saram (person) and sarang (love) in a wordplay-heavy metaphor to show the transformative power of love.

| Jin Hit Entertainment/YouTube

While RM chose to use his brain for good and chose music over science, it’s clear that both he and the Mad Scientist are total brainiacs!

Check out the full preview video below.