BTS’s RM Shares The Real Value In Being “That One Friend” Who Always Reaches Out First

“It’s not easy being the one to send that first message, but that is all it takes.”

In a previous 2017 live broadcast, BTS‘s RM once revealed why his friends don’t keep in touch with him as often as he’d like — and though at first it sounded unkind of his friends, RM’s explanation soon convinced ARMYs that even his friends are perfect like him! This story of how RM and his friends got back in touch and made their ways back into each others’ lives has ARMYs looking back at their own forgotten friendships.


In this broadcast, RM explained that he had recently reunited with his friends over the phone — only because he called them first. When RM asked his friends why they never get in touch with him anymore…

I have a few friends with whom I got back in touch recently. I reached out to them first and asked how come they didn’t try to contact me.

— RM


… they explained:

They told me it became harder for them to reach out to me because once I became slightly more famous, they didn’t want me to think that they’re only keeping in touch with me to use me for my fame. They didn’t want to be that friend.

— RM


RM hadn’t realized how the circumstances had changed and how such changes had affected the way his friends see the relationship they held with RM.

So it wasn’t easy for them. But I was busy wondering why they wouldn’t reach out to me first. I should’ve just called them. I just had no idea they were thinking that far into this.

— RM


He then admitted that he felt bad and wanted to apologize to his friends — because had he known that they were worried about treating RM like they used to, he would have most happily broken the silence first. The whole experience taught RM to always be the one to take action when it’s for something worth the action:

I didn’t know they had become hesitant to call me when they wanted to keep in touch with me. I was grateful for that and I also felt horrible about it. It made me realize that I should always reach out first.

— RM


And RM asked ARMYs to do the same — in being proactive to keep good friendships and relationships close and alive.

If you have friends that you miss, reach out first. It’s not easy being the one to make that out-of-the-blue call or send that first message, but that is all it takes, one call, to bring back good people back in to your life!

— RM


So how about dropping that text message or making that phone call today? It could, like it did for RM, open old doors to new beginnings.

Source: Nate Pann